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Invisible Connector

Luctor et Emergo! – I battle & emerge! A driving characteristic in Dutch Culture.
What is the role of the water we do not see? Groundwater is our common connector!


Anything worth doing needs a central start of that Story.
A trigger to get the narrative going and a way to open up the first emotional connection to possible collaboration.
As so for the connecting character of Groundwater. After some debate the collaborating team came to an analogy of a fishing floater. This inspired this image of a local physical living environment, floating amidst all groundwater of Holland. It symbolises that groundwater crosses all municipal and regional boundaries and truly connects us all.


When there are different people working one various unique challenges it becomes difficult to align all stakes. The visual is an end result of a 4 month interaction in which we tried to create a foundation to show how we can start up a shared dialogue about the relevance of groundwater and how different stakes in the same locailty can come together to create a positive sum value.

 In order to give a voice to what is below our feet and effectively invisible to us, we needed to create a space where we could think and react to each other.  

Moving from thinking to doing...together