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Team Cohesion

Showing team dynamics

Part of showing the competence and capabilities of a team is to take their strengths, skills and specialties and turn them into a compelling story to share with a potential client.
As did the “men of FOAM” (de Mannen van Schuim), a the Hague based Urban Concepting Collective I have admired for a long time and feel lucky I can call part of my Value Network. 

For more info about the this team check out their website and projects. 

The image of this team was configured especially to show how they could help the municipality of the Hague with their challenges in redeveloping the former industrial area called “the BINCKHORST”. Niels de Vries-Humel asked me to make a quick sketch of these individual professionals surrounding the team of The hague. I think the reason it turned out so nice was that he described their strengths very well, which made it easier for Prismatica to translate them all together into a whirling team of connected experts. Together they are more then the sum of their parts. Taking the time to show a teams strengths is always a good investment.
I’d like to think that the image contributed to them landing this assignment, but I know the team and their expertise + experience did that all by themselves.  If you believe in the power of visualisation (like Prismatica does), then this image promises a flowing outcome in the support of the team below… let it be so…;)

Denace (20240122)