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- “What, when, where & How?” -


Experience LOGIC

PRISMATICA uses a logic approach to map out past, present and potential futures. By making what is happening visible from different perspectives we gain a better GRIP on where you come from, where you are and consequently where you want to and can go.
Sensemaking is about understanding the situation by extending the way you look at it. PRISMATICA has uncovered 3 perspectives that will help guide you from exploration to GRIP on your complexities and a way to share your value story.


Long game Perspective

Looking beyond the horizon is critical to future success. By extending your perspective beyond the present, you can focus on developing strategies that will help your clients thrive in the future. To do this, you need to gain a grip on the long game perspective, which requires ambition and a willingness to take calculated risks.

Once you have this perspective, you can begin to look for opportunities that will give your clients the best options for success. By creating a 'visual landscape' of the industry or field over a longer period of time, you can identify gaps and potential areas for growth. This will give you the confidence to act and help your clients make informed decisions that will drive their success.

Ultimately, the key to success in consulting is the ability to see beyond the present and anticipate the future. By honing your skills in this area, you can help your clients navigate the complex landscape of business and achieve their goals.

Mapping Value

Achieving organizational goals requires a deep understanding of the many layers of value that combine to realize shared aims. However, when working with multiple stakeholders, it can be challenging to formulate a clear path that leads from the present to the ultimate destination.

To overcome this challenge, you need to gain a comprehensive view of how all the different decision nodes work together to form one coherent value chain. By mapping the ecosystem of an organization, you can reveal gaps, obstacles, and barriers that may be impeding progress towards the larger goal.

Through a process of mapping, the path to achieving organizational goals becomes clearer. You can identify the critical areas that require attention, optimize the decision-making process, and align stakeholders towards a shared vision. By unlocking the path to organizational goals, you can help your clients achieve success and realize their full potential.

Roadmap to Success

Success requires a clear plan and a roadmap to guide the way. By creating a roadmap, teams at all levels can gain clarity and focus on what needs to be done, while also being held accountable for their actions. A roadmap is a natural reflective tool for learning from the past and adjusting tactics for future success. By looking back at both successes and failures, teams can refine their approach and plan beyond the current year to achieve even greater results.

To create a roadmap that truly drives success, it's important to have a clear strategic goal, achievable objectives, and a strong sense of shared purpose. A visual executive summary that connects the many steps to the shared story is a powerful tool for achieving this alignment and driving progress towards the ultimate goal.

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