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The Perpetual Wave is a metaphor to help connect to the energy required to explore the world through INQUIRY. The wave is a dynamic playground of exploration discovery, creation & constant improvement that is never ending! Its repetitive loop assists in getting a grip on complicated subjects and helping you to cast your perspective forward and keep moving from thinking to doing. The wave of inquiry results in Story information Cubes which will find their place in your own knowledge structures and will help to fuel new questions to keep the process going. The good Information Cubes are all part of a bigger story and because their each tell a part of it, you can start to build your own stories using these block-size stories.

process of constant inquiry

As you map out your curiosities you bring into being new blocks of discovery. Puzzle pieces that fit together to form new future beginnings. The blocks we create will iterate from their discovery to knowledge chains that can help people to speed up their learning by explore and learning to ride the wave!

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