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Spaces for success

- Story Success -


Monitoring all the connnected value stories ensures the best grip on the whole and how it is moving forward. But can the value story sustain its momentum? Does it have a strong pulse? Is it part of the culture and can anybody tell it with pride and conviction?

Framing success spaces

Integral Moments

Memorable Experiences can be seen as the Fuel for Motivation. When people experience a story of change or get drawn into a shift in direction, they will become part of something bigger then just their Personal Projects and daily responsibilities. Design these moments with care and claim the time to train & practice the way leaderships shares and grows the value creation story! Sharing a value story is an EVENT in itself and deserves dedicated time, a teams attention and specific spaces to engage people to be or become the living breathing part of a story that encompasses their personal contributions and moves the company forward. Memorable Moments are like experiential events. They can be designed to make people engage with the wonder of the complete story and appreciate and celebrate each moment on the value path.

Rocket Fuel

Experiencing progress on the path and reaching shared milestones enforces the feeling you are doing the right things and that you are contributing to a clear and achievable goal. When sharing a Value Creation story people experience a focused path. It helps all who work together to align their specific responsibility with the current strategic goals of the organisation. This story helps people to take action & making decisions, yet be flexible enough to leave enough space for looking to improve and develop both people and the value they create together. The combination of sense & way comes together to connect step to story and when it is ready to be shared can start to attract other people who resonate to that story.

Launch / Follow / Adjust

A VALUE STORY is constantly in motion. When it is not moving and renewing itself it loses momentum and is susceptible to other value stories. In order to keep the pulse of a Value Story strong it needs to be monitored over time. Once the story gains traction and attracts a following it needs to constantly be engaged and adapted to suit the situation. The essence of what keeps people moving forward needs to constantly be matched with the steps that are being made, connecting step to story. The value monitor is the back and forth connecting in-between past achievement and future planning, serving as a way to direct the present and make the right decisions that serve the forward path.

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