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Once upon a time, in a realm where the ethereal met the tangible, there existed a swirling Maelstrom. When standing in front of it you could feel that it was not an ordinary whirlpool of chaos, but a directed promise of forever movement.

Within the heart of this captivating tempest, you could distinguish three unique streams… raging relentlessly in their own right. When you stood at outer limit of its movement, looking upon the streaming flows, you could feel that the storms were not of the destructive kind. They each felt more like sentient entities, possessing unique characters and purpose. Some say that these turning levels of intent represented the essence of human existence… we are destined to always navigate the turbulent waters of life.

The Wise flow

The top flow of the maelstrom was a wise and wide spread storm of ancient interconnected knowledge and profound insight. It whispered multi dimensional truths and when you looked deep into the movement shared the experience of the ages. The purpose of this stream was to guide the ones who stood before the maelstrom, wrestling with difficult decisions in moments of unclarity, deep inquiry and exploration
When you would be patient enough your could hear the gentle whisper that sometimes the answers lie not in embracing the chaos, but in the connection with the stillness in ourselves.

The Intelligent flow

The middle stream was a chaotic space of Intelligent Structures, a bustling environment of brilliant ideas and boundless imagination. It crackled with electrical currents of innovation, analysis and solutions. This storm urged those who gazed upon it to embrace their intellect and harness their problem-solving abilities to solve any problem that is set before them. It taught those who connect to it that in the face of adversity, intellect can be a beacon of hope, illuminating the path to clarity and resolve.

The flow of Mastery

The bottom swirl was a whirlwind of efficiency, resourcefulness and constant improvement. It swirled with the energy of action and practicality. This flow reminded those who are confronted with perfection, that sometimes the best course of action is to take the next step, to trust the turn and dive headfirst into the next version of yourself. It calls out with an inspiring ROAR to keep improving your craft , and that with courage and dedication Mastery will come.

The Maelstrom was father to all 3 flows and lives in us all.

As they spin, their powers intertwined, they weave a tapestry of possibilities, opportunity and potential. They symbolise the delicate balance within, required when facing life’s big shifts and changes.
One might say that it is our goal in life to harmonise the 3 storms and always be connecting wisdom, intellect, and practicality to use them to move forward the best we can.

Those who allow themselves to see the grandness of the Maelstrom, find solace in its repetitive and cyclical nature. When take the time and create the space to witness and connect to its dance they feel the universal promise and can start to influence their inner flows. By embracing the combined power of wisdom, intellect, and practicality, the Maelstrom guides them to navigate the swirling currents of existence with grace, purpose & patience.

So…when you find yourself in doubt… take a step back and imagine your Maelstrom. Feel the flows. Remember to embrace the wisdom, harness the intellect, and unleash the practicality within yourself. For in the depths of your maelstrom, you will find the ability to conquer it and emerge on the other side, stronger and wiser and eager to make the next step!

Denace (20230624)