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Wouldn’t it be great if we all work together? If we all know intuitively what to do to serve the greater good, without pretence and without the need of approval or recognition…

When people can move together as one, for the right reasons and motivated from their own source, they can handle any problem that is given to them and best any challenge! 

Our human challenge is to Connect, Care & Create… together.


Connection to anything you think is worthy of you time is a powerful thing. It is only when we connect to a subject, goal or challenge that we start to align our choices to it. So before we can start to move as a whole (like in the picture), we as human beings need to really connect with both a reason and what our gut is telling us to do. What actions do you want to be a part of? Do I believe in what I see and do I think I can make it better? By CONNECTING to what moves you forward, you open yourself up to an unlimited fuelling source that can help you to keep going, no matter what. There can be no movement, without connection!


Once we are connected and are able to make our thinking flip into action it is time to start CARING. When you care about something, you are open to do the work. Not because you have to, but because you want to. Caring and forgiveness might be the 2 most important virtues we can apply in our daily work. They might even be the solution to all our problems and here is why.

When you care, you are able to combine heart and goal (no… not soul…) to keep going. Caring places the client / user / customer at the centre of your decisions. Don’t mistake caring for serviceability or putting the client first! It is about knowing when to decide what in their best interest to move forward in the right way and not about pleasing and appreciation. Caring is bigger, it also is about doing the right thing because it is good to do, not because it fits into the budget. It is the extra mile we hear about, but are not quite clear about when we are takin g it…;) 

In order to allow yourself to really care, you need to be able to forgive. When you forgive, you can deal with choices other people make that wouldn’t be YOUR choices, but still get the job done. Wait a little bit before you pass judgement.
LISTEN FIRST, WAIT (give space) and ACT quickly.
It is more difficult then you think, because it involves letting go and sacrificing parts of your EGO, but when you CARE…you are ready to SHARE!


When everybody is connected and is putting in the effort to move forward in a way that fits their best contribution, we can finally start to CREATE. It’s funny that so much of what is valued today lies just in the CREATION part, when all the conditioning done to get you there is what allows people to do their best work. Being conscious about what you do to prepare and configure before you take quick action is a path that requires us to slow down. Slow down to alter the way you look at your surroundings and spot the opportunities that are available to you …. only when you look for them beyond what you can see…;)

Shared effort happens when you 


These three activities together form the code that has served me well for more then 2 decades. It forms the right conditions for me to function and collaborate with people on amazing projects. 

Wouldn’ it be great if we could all be part of an interconnected caring creation flow? I am there every day! Join me!

Denace (20240111)

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