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- Combining Fact & Feel -

VALUE Design

Combining facts and feelings
to 1 focused story

A Behavioral Engine is a valuable tool that empowers people to make the right decisions in line with a big picture context. By tying the Value Story to a fundamental center and intrinsic behavior, a simple and repeatable set of steps can be designed to enforce clarity and autonomy. Sharing a clear Value Creation story helps people align their specific responsibilities with the organization's strategic goals, allowing for progress and achievement of shared milestones. This connection of step to story attracts like-minded people, creating a focused path for growth and development. Investing time in creating this signal accelerates the growth of value and enables organizations to adapt to changing circumstances.


Logic Engine

A BEHAVIORAL ENGINE is a repeatable set of steps that empower people to make the right decisions in line with a big picture context. Like an actual engine, behaviour can be maintained, tweaked, altered, enhanced, improved or totally re-invented when need, will or urgency are great enough. In order to make the best version of a VALUE STORY, it needs to be tied to a fundamental centre supported by the shared intrinsic behaviour of those who live the value story. When building an engine we take the logical facts & elements we mapped in the Sensemaking phase and design a process or routine that enforces the clarity found in the wayfinding phase. The best Engines are simple mantras that allow the people who use them to make better integrated and autonomous decisions.

A Path for People

Experiencing progress on the path and reaching shared milestones enforces the feeling you are doing the right things and that you are contributing to a clear and achievable goal. When sharing a Value Creation story people experience a focused path. It helps all who work together to align their specific responsibility with the current strategic goals of the organisation. This story helps people to take action & making decisions, yet be flexible enough to leave enough space for looking to improve and develop both people and the value they create together. The combination of sense & way comes together to connect step to story and when it is ready to be shared can start to attract other people who resonate to that story.

A compelling signall

A story of what success looks like empowers leaders to deliver clear GOALS, making it easier for management to distill achievable objectives and for teams to perform at the best of their abilities. A VALUE STORY is an omni-directional window into the past and future, informing the tactics of today. A visible back and forth path explaining strategic direction, motivation behind shifting choices, and opening the horizon to new opportunities, where everyone who contributes knows what they are are doing and why it is important. Claim time to create this signal! It will help accelerate your the growth of your value.

Let me help you claim time for VALUE CREATION