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And then Alice leaned in too far into the darkness and fell…She fell deeper and deeper down the narrow yet wondrous hole, not knowing where to hold on or how to stop…accelerating into the unknown…

Recognise that moment of looking for something and discovering more than you were looking for? You found the thing that you were searching for, but see now how it is connected to so much more and keep falling down deeper and deeper losing all sense of time and purpose, but gaining so much more?

When you look or search for one specific thing going one way, you encounter 10 others. I would like to say that this is how we human beings explore and discover, but this way of inquiry and accidental discovery finds its cause in our inability to keep our focus. The grip on our attention, be it laser focused or wickedly wondering, makes us who we are and I guess gets some of us to where we need to be.

Human beings grow and learn. We find the paths of most and least resistance and create our maps, rails and roads that allow us to navigate the in-between transitions of our own behavioural evolution.

Knowing that we like to fall through time consuming attention sucking holes like Instagram & TikTok and the fact that everybody is looking for ways to become smarter or better informed, it only stands to reason that our explorative nature has become our limitation and we need help when it comes to knowing when to focus and when to let go.

So, imagine you are Alice… how would you fall through a hyper-focused personal dream hole and come out on the other side with not only a better understanding of what you were looking for, but come out with a direct link to what your rabbit hole meant to you.

It feels like I’m describing a regular attention sucking sink hole, but explorations of this kind are getting to be more time consuming and harder to justify …. time wise that is. When we are unable to let go of our desire to see what is next, why not turn that into a strength and embrace the idea of falling down a rabbit hole to come out with whatever our subconscious wants us to bring back. Fall down to fly out!

How do we learn to fall down an attention hole and fly through whatever we encounter to connect your wondrous explorations to whatever you are looking for and turn your experiences into building blocks of understanding. Allowing you to relate to bigger interconnected subjects and concepts.

Below you will encounter a challenge for your attention…;). I dare you to print it out, cut it and fold yourself a reminder. A trigger to sometimes consciously let go and fall into a rabbit hole… because you can…

Black and White version for you to color in yourself:

The above image is an experiment to see how we carry online posts into real life conversations. Try and print the visual out (preferred on A3 paper), maybe give it your own color, cut it out and fold it to be past around at the coffee-machine. Let’s see what happens! If you take a picture and post it be sure to add #denace and #fall2fly !


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