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The language of social economic systems has been changing for more than two decades. Visually yours has been helping Mildred Hofkes & Nieuw Bestuur to shape the Circular Change Story. The monumental societal shift of economic reform can only be seen and experienced when you make all steps from 2009 until now visible…  

Check out a history moving  from our last efforts back until 2009!

A model that allows for a shared recalibration of the way we work together in a sustainable and “circular” way.

This is an ongoing project of making change visible. Every time we make a step it will show up here as part of the ongoing story of change. For more info on how to join, check out the Linkin page and the Nieuw Bestuur platform.

When you want to see what we did from 2009 until now, first scroll down and move your way up to clarity…;)!

At this conference I had the task of listening for the stuff that was being said in-between the lines. Little did I know that the in between became the centre output of this conference. In Between? you might say…. In between what? The in-between in this instance is the path that lies between the current focus on linear Growth and the circulair alternative already owned by future leaders. What we are having difficulty with is the difference in language that is spoken on this path. As you decide to move away from a finite and crumbling system you find yourself on a road where it is hard to say the right thing. We are afraid of the risks that come with failing…. well that. is something you can read about in the new edition of the Optimist. go check out nr 193 and the new 25 year celebration edition!




Mildred has been part of my live for a decade now. First as a potential client, then as a challenge to visualise and now after 10 years of conferences and unique leadership meetings as a friend. Last year we collaborated with lots of other fans of the circular principle and created an event called the Dutch Conference for Circulair Leadership.




event flow of the Dutch Circulair Leadership Conference



presented on the 19th of June by Mildred herself!

Years of getting together with people who are dealing with the same transitions towards the same goals must lead to something concrete…

The end of LINEAR GROWTH at the Trommel-dag on the Dutch Trading-floor (Beurs van Berlage)


In the years following the first 2 national reputation congresses an image appeared


It all started with a simple sketch

In 2009 I was invited by Jorn Fokkens to meet Mildred Hofkes. She needed some help bringing the biggest transformation of this age to a platform for Directors who need move from talking about change to walking the talk. The change is not difficult to articulate, but it is hard to get a grip on the steps to take to make this change happen… especially because no director will move first…

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