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Future Retail Focus

Can the future of retail be found in Qatar? The Rules work different in a place that is building future retail destinations...


Retail is a business domain that truly is in FLUX. The times of 20 year real estate contracts are over, which means the industry has to listen to the needs of not only the Retailers, but mainly the local customer scene and its local wants & needs. But is this also true in Doha? Do the rules apply in a place that is building new SPACE just because they can? 

Future Retail Destinations

…was a conference organised by Allesandro Gaffuri, owner of the CELS Group, based in Doha.

The Future Retail Destinations conference 2022 is a platform that focuses on transforming shopping malls into favourite meeting places by conceptualising outstanding experiences, innovative events and decorations that catalyse customer and visitor engagements through a digital layer.contracts

Keep your eye on Doha

A dutch delegation of retail experts headed up by Roel van den Berg and Ellen Zwienink of “Access to Quality”  travelled to a desert landscape filled with the most amazing architectural achievements, to try and find the answer to the burning retail questions. Do the new customer focused design principles used to create favourite meeting places match with  the need to level-up and be part of the global retail landscape. 

Think local, act global

“The future lies with those who dare to adapt! “

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Keep in touch with your team.

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