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SWE – Sense Way & XP

How come people celebrate innovation & improvement, but tend to resist the process of getting there? In our quest to better ourselves…have we lost our nerve? Have we evolved ourselves to a point where we are conditioned to be afraid of uncertainty? Reluctant to embrace the feeling of NOT knowing what happens IN-BETWEEN two states?

It feels like we have lost a great HUMAN ability.

Dennis Luijer

Taking risks in the face of danger… leaping before we know, explore and discover without end… is that now only reserved for kids and entrepreneurial daredevils? Embracing change as a constant in our lives and learning how to ride the waves of chaos might serve us better than reluctantly having to find the courage to accept our inevitable transformations. Luckily we have Disney to remind us to jump into the unknown! (frozen2… amazing existential bit of transformative psychology).

Once you have experienced Change over time, you realize that it happens according to specific patterns. Repetitive strings of events that, once recognised, you can prepare and prime yourself for. Our challenges lie in the speed of our current development… It does not allow us to listen to the signals that guide us through our personal and professional growth.

My contribution to the world of professional practice started with VISUAL THINKING. It evolved to VISUALISING CHANGE and has lead me to a point where I can offer people the ability to recognise and connect to PATTERNS of CHANGE.

There are 3 interconnected entry points that will get you on the path of MAKING CHANGE VISIBLE :

SENSEMAKING — Knowing & Moving from A to B, = GRIP

WAYFINDING —Building a clear & visible path, together!= CLARITY

EXPERIENCES — Crafting the moments that focuses your efforts = ACTION

Each of these practices stand on their own, but together form a path to move from thinking about change to designing the actions that realise it and giving you a way to start sharing your progress with others.

It is a happy accident that the acronym SWE, has a link with my SWEdish Love interest and mother of my 3 children…:).

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