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We care for the stories
that move the world...

and help you light your forward path


on how you create VALUE

By Logically mapping out your Present situation


Align personal perspectives

Hear the different stakes that live between people and align them with the Aim, goals and Milestones of your organisation

Value Design


Forge a logical & inspirational (corporate) story that inspires all who contribute to it to move forward with confidence and clarity.


Framing your success by configuring your VALUE.

Monitoring all interlaced value stories and see how everything is moving forward to contribute to the shared goal.

Prismatica helps you to uncover, refine & share your most important stories, using Art, Experiences and Storytelling.

The Prismatica Path

We believe in the power and responsibility that comes with owning your story. Prismatica helps you to create your unique value story. This tale of your own success enables the people you work with to connect and consistently create value together and always have the right story to share with any type of audience at any time.  Follow our multi-facetted Pathway to get an idea of how we handle your story with care.


Gain grip on the WHOLE by logically mapping out your current & future situation. This factual approach results in Confident Clarity and gives you a visual systemic overview of WHAT you do for WHOM, WHERE & WHEN. It reveals what is going well, but also shows GAPS and Opportunities for improvement / development. This facet of the process is what we call SENSEMAKING.


We help you connect to each side of the current story by hearing the different stakes & perspectives that live between people, teams & departments. It is a great way to learn how everybody is doing different things to solve the same problem for the customer. These sessions typically result in a shared vision connecting all strategic narratives to an overarching AIM. Finding & connecting to this path is what we call WAYFINDING.


Combining Sense & Way to forge a logical & inspirational story is a design process that is unique for every client. The outcome of this part of the PRISM is a VALUE STORY. A scripted story spine that allows you  to share a story that not only connects to your customer, but aligns your workforce. This process facet is called VALUE DESIGN


Fueling the VALUE STORY and FRAMING the work space creates the energy to get going. MAKING SPACE is about configuring your work frame to create the best environment for success. This prism results in an empowered workspace that nurtures constant improvement & development and is ready to adapt to constant change.


The Value prism is driven by a promise of shared and aligned efforts. Which means that if everybody works to contribute their best and is aware of what others are doing there could emerge a state of FLOW, where interconnected people can move mountains. A completed VALUE prism is sustained by applying  a continuous flexible focus between people. Resulting in integral information flow and a resilient culture of re-generation and responsibility and accountable action.

Shine a light on your forward focused path

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s crucial to slow down before speeding up. We understand the overwhelming nature of change, especially for enterprises on the brink of transforming and or adaptation to their accelerating environments.  By making your aspirations and ambitions visible as a story, you create a tangible form to interact with. This allows you to see upcoming obstacles and spot the opportunities that arise on your way to your Goal. A strong connection to a visible storyline also give you the power to look around corners and beyond time horizons.  

Your story is a light that not only shows you the path. It is always there to guide and challenge you to make the right choices moving forward.


Keep your goals close!
Motivate yourself to reach them!
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    Glance upon my swirling belly and look into my eye… Keep me close and I will remind you to stay the course and ‘Ride YOUR Wave!’ My left eye guards your goal. Once you achieve it, celebrate it and fill my right eye completing the ride. Finish the promise to your old goal and make space for a new goal by leaving the last one behind. Creating the space for your next adventure!

    Enjoy the ride!



    “In the journey of life, we all have goals that we want to achieve. Whether it’s a career aspiration, personal development, or a family milestone, the road to success can be long and challenging. But there is one powerful force that can help us overcome any obstacle and reach our goals – the strength of the family. A family is not just a group of people living under one roof, it’s a bond that connects us through love, support, and encouragement. When we have the support of our loved ones, we are capable of achieving anything we set our minds to. Think about it, when we’re feeling down, it’s our family that lifts us up. When we’re facing a difficult decision, it’s our family that guides us. And when we’re working towards a goal, it’s our family that helps us stay motivated and on track. So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by a goal , remember that you don’t have to do it alone. Lean on the strength of your family, and let their love and support guide you towards success. Your family is your backbone and gives you the strength to reach any goal. You never walk alone!

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  • Let us take care of YOUR Story!

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    Here, we offer a sanctuary for your thoughts, a canvas to sketch your aspirations,
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    Let’s see if we can connect your Potential to you Performance
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